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2022 - Temporary Commission by St. Andrew's Wesley United Church
Vector + Vinyl Mural Wraps,  204" x 483" x 89.5"
Vancouver, BC

When St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church gave me the opportunity to explore the question of Easter in a publicly engaging way, I intuitively reached into my Ukrainian roots to inform my approach for an anamorphic installation. While I began this artwork before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the recent events in my ancestors’ homeland have made the Pysanka-inspired design that much more personal.


Around the world Easter reminds people that new life can still arrive after a dark and difficult time. In the early days of the 2022 invasion, a Ukrainian woman was recorded instructing a Russian soldier to “put sunflower seeds in your pocket so they grow when you die.” What seeds will you leave behind?


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Documentation: HARC Creative

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