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2018 - Commissioned by the City of Vancouver
Vinyl Mural Wrap,  18.5" x 18.5" x 38"
Located at SW corner of 19th Ave and Cambie St

This work highlights the often overlooked plant, Tufted Vetch (Vicia Cracca) by rising it up off the ground and magnifying its details by roughly four times it’s actual size.  Tufted Vetch can be found growing in urban areas, in patches of grass growing alongside roads; it is important to pollinators though it is frequently mown down in favour of a flat, uniform lawn. Placed against black, the colours of the blossoms are made more vivid than they are in reality, where they normally would be lost amongst greenery.  If you look closely you will see tiny bugs magnified, living and feeding amongst the blossoms.  The flowers are at different stages of their life cycle, from buds, to fully blossomed flowers, to newly formed seed pods.  The narrow depth of field resulting from my process of scanning the plant, hint to the ephemeral quality of flora and thus to life itself.

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