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2021-2022 - Rose Park, 38550 Loggers Ln, Squamish, BC
Brass, Recycled Cedar Log

Through the virtual CreateSpace Public Art Residency and additional support by artist mentor Winnie Truong, Squamish Arts Council through the Community Enhancement Grant, Prince Rupert Community Arts Council, and Cassiar Cannery, I have expanded on my work that intersects art, science, and history. Inspired by rainy British Columbia where I am based, I have sought ways to collaborate and interact with the rain for this public art project.

Cedar Cone Rain Catcher is a brass sculpture in the shape of a cedar cone that collects rain, which then releases the water through a bell siphon to play what I call “rain chimes”. The musical notes of the rain chimes are informed by a small sequence of DNA from Western Red Cedar trees which I have translated to musical notes. The cedar cone scales are open as though it has already released its seeds, in which the “seeds” will be its song. 


This public art installation is installed at Rose Park in Squamish, British Columbia. The frequency of the rain chimes playing is dependent on the amount of rainfall which can vary quite a lot each day and each hour!

Documentation: Trevor Jacobson of Das Duo, Sarah Dicker, Sebastian Boon

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